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doggy day care

The Happy Pawes Experience

For Your Dog

  • Health Checks
  • Indoor & Outdoor play areas
  • Playtime with friends
  • Basic manners training
  • Lots of cuddles
  • Rest time
  • Fun, Fun and more Fun.

For You

  • Fully qualified team
  • Friendly opening hours
  • Your dog can toilet and play outside
  • Dedicated room for puppies, small and large dogs.
  • A quiet night with a happy dog

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Client Feedback

Cat Minding

I have been bringing Cassie to day care and training classes, she loved the chance to go to day care and socialise with other dogs. Last year I got a puppy, Chloe, as a playmate for Cassie, but have continued to bring them both to day care as they both love the interaction with all the other dogs.
– Judy Cowie

I’m not sure what I’d do without Happy Pawes. Knox absolutely loves going there, he starts doing laps in the back of the car when I take him. It gives him the interaction and company he needs. He is in heaven being surrounded by other dogs and people! And being able to play chase and tug of war :)
– Stephanie Harris